My wife and I, along with our four children, moved to South Africa in 2011.

In the USA, I had run a very successful business that had multiple employees with national and international clientele. The success achieved came at a cost to my family. I realized if I continued on that path, I would lose my wife and children. Money wasn’t worth the cost of my family, so I closed the company, sold our house, gave away our cars and furniture to those who needed the items, and we moved abroad.

We arrived and worked with several non-profit organizations in a township called Masiphumelele near Fish Hoek, WC. For two years I sat in shacks, having tea, and simply listening to people’s stories. This season had a deep impact on my sense of purpose and attitude.

After two years in the townships, it became clear that I was being pulled back into the business world with a renewed purpose. I began working toward my Change Management Practitioner and doctoral studies (I’m working toward my Doctorate of Strategic Leadership with a focus on Organizational Leadership – expected graduation Fall 2018).

I am a disciplined, hard worker who knows how to communicate, serve, and lead. I would love to meet and discuss how I could serve your organization.

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