We provide awesome resources for awesome people. We mean it! If you are a ministry worker, we truly think you are awesome and we want to give you some awesome stuff.

As an organization, we are in a special position. We are backed by both a large marketing firm and a Christian College. We get to pull those amazing minds together to create some stellar resources custom-built for the church.

Our goal as an organization is to be a gospel-minded creative team at your fingertips. FMR provides everything we create for free — the resources, the graphic design, the coaching, and even the mid-morning coffee meetings. It is all free.

No, we are not insane. We just love to help the local church.

We love the fact that local churches, big and small, are places where you can tangibly experience the hope that is found in Christ, We get excited when we check our email and get to read stories of people saves, marriages reconciled, pastors encouraged, and people baptized.

Jesus is telling an amazing story in this world and he is telling it through your church.We are just blessed to be a small part of that.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to request anything or just say hello.

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